Sunday Morning Service

Small Groups

Author and speaker Dr. Paul Tripp has written, "Your walk with God is a community project," and we believe he is correct. This is one reason we emphasize getting into a Small Group. We certainly believe that Christians grow through prayer and Bible study, but without intentional involvement in Christ-centered community, we are missing out on a necessity for growth.

Gateway, Kurios, C&C


Junior High

      6:30 Sunday

      LAB Building

It is in Small Groups that we can best love, encourage, and exhort each other as we walk with Jesus Christ. Whether you are new to Lansing or are a long time attender, we encourage you to join one of our many Small Groups, and to grow together with others who love Jesus.

There's always something going on here. There is Thursday morning prayer time with the pastors in the Office Building at 9:30am, occasional Sunday evening prayer nights, occasional Sunday evening training sessions, a free community spaghetti dinner on the last Thursday of each month, adult fellowship events, and more.

Check out the CALENDAR or the BULLETIN for more information.

* We have caring and qualified volunteers who look after babies in the nursery as well as look after and teach the children in their classrooms.             Kids aged six and up learn about Jesus in the main room downstairs in Springboard (Children's Church).

Other Ministries

* Gateway, Kurios, and C&C (College & Careers) meet regularly during the school year.

What we do.

10:00    Announcements and    

             Scripture Reading

10:05    Worship Music

10:20    Kids dismissed to downstairs*

10:25    Worship Music

10:35    Sermon

11:15    Coffee + Juice