Connection Café was designed to facilitate a time of relaxed

visiting after the Worship Service. However, as many people

have noted, it is difficult to visit downstairs because of the

noise. To help improve this, we are asking parents to keep

their children a little quieter during Connection Café and we

are going to experiment with just coffee, tea, juice, and water

to slow down the rush of children running back and forth.


On April 8 we are hosting a Mennonite Youth choir and will

be looking for billets for the Sunday night. Please speak to

one of the pastors if you can help out.


Save the Date! Lansing will be hosting an Apologetics

Conference called Fearless Faith in partnership with

Apologetics Canada on Saturday, April 14th from

9:30am-3:30pm. For more information see


The Lansing Ladies’ Canoe Trip will take place July 6-8.

The cost is $50; there are a few spaces left— speak to

Margaret if you would like to attend.


Save the Date: The Lansing Church Campout will take

place July 20-22 at Chutes Provincial Park.

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