Sunday, June 17, 2018


Please plan to stay after the service today for the Father’s Day BBQ.


Volunteers are needed for the summer children’s program on Sunday

mornings; we need one leader and three helpers each Sunday.

Volunteers need to have provided a current police check and have

signed our child protection plan to help out.


There will be a church membership class after the morning service

on Sunday, June 24th. Lunch will be provided. If you would like to

attend, please speak to one of the pastors.


The Act Like Men Bible study is canceled today because of Father's

Day. The last Act Like Men Session will be next Sunday, June 24th,

at 5:30pm.


Galilean is looking for individuals 16 years of age or older who are

willing to receive their National Lifeguard’s training (or bronze cross)

or those who already currently have it to work at camp this summer.

They also need volunteers for: July 8-13, food prep; July 15-20,

food prep/dishes; Aug. 12-17, food prep/dishes, housekeeping; Aug

19-24, food prep/dishes, maintenance, housekeeping. Please contact

the camp office at 705-356-7961.


To donate to Galilean's child sponsorship fund to pay for a week of

camp for a child who otherwise could not attend, please speak to one

of the pastors and they can show you how to do so. The cost for one

week for camp for a young child is $309.


The Church Camp Out will take place July 20-22 this year; save the



The Stewardship Committee would like to remind everyone that

giving can be done online through the church website or through

Push Pay, a convenient option especially if you are planning to be

away during the summer months.

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