We plan to have a baptismal service on a Sunday Morning in the

near future. Please speak to one of the pastors if you would like to

be baptized as a public declaration of your faith in Christ.

Tuesday Night Bible Study at Pastor Mark's house will resume

on July 11th at 7:30.


On Friday, June 30th the youth group will be leaving for a four-day

year-end canoe trip.


Please consider supporting the Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s

Foundation’s “Send-A-Kid-To-Camp” program to sponsor

children to attend Galilean Bible Camp this summer. The

program all camp fees, assists with transportation to and from

camp, as well as provides basic necessities and sleeping bags for

children who may need them. Without your help, these children

might never leave the confines of the city in the summer,

remaining inside their houses, or loitering on street corners. It is

$295 to send a child to GBC for one week. For more information

visit www.smcf.com.


Save the Date!


Lansing’s annual Church Family Campout will take place July 14-16 at Chutes Provincial Park. More details to follow.


Our annual VBS kids’ club will take place August 14-18. Volunteers are still needed— please speak to Pastor Jack if you are available.



Upcoming Sermons:


Sunday July 2

Series “You Asked for It!”

Today: “Baptist persecution, theology and manmade traditions”

Pastor Jack Flietstra


Sunday July 9

Series: “You Asked for It!”

Today: “The Baptism in the Holy Spirit”

Pastor Jack Flietstra


Sunday July 16

Series: “You Asked for It!”

“How does the “Tree of life and knowledge of good and evil” apply to the Christian today!”

Pastor Jack Flietstra @ Church Camp Out @ Chutes provincial park

Possibly Dr. Tony Martin at Lansing


Sunday July 23

Series: “You Asked for It!”

Today: “Grace”

Pastor Ynze Flietstra


Sunday July 30

Series: “You Asked for It!”

Today: “The meaning of taking up our crosses and following Jesus?”

Mr. Phil Miller


Sunday August 6

Series: “You Asked for It!”

“Why Was Jesus Baptized?”

Pastor Mark Smith


Sunday August 13

Series: “You Asked for It!”

“Is there a difference between Israel and the church today?”

Pastor Mark Smith


Sunday August 20

Series: “You Asked for It!”

Today: “Biblical gender roles (Women Deacons)”

Pastor Jack Flietstra


Sunday August 27

Series: “You Asked for It!”

Today: “Do you go straight to heaven when you die? (Abraham’s bosom, sheol hades hell etc.)”

Possibly Greg Warnock


Sunday September 3

Series: “You Asked for It!”

“Is Perfection Possible?”

Pastor Mark Smith


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